Welcome to St Cyprian's 31st Scout Group

The 31st welcomes all youth, aged five to twenty-six, with the opportunity to participate in Scouts Canada's youth scouting programs. Our group scout hall (meeting place) is located in Calgary NW, Capitol Hill Community.


Below are badges the 31st has produced or collected over the 60+ years we have been a Scout Group. Each badge represents a memory of our involvement and participation in camps, jamborees, and national/international events.
By selection of a badge you will be directed to pages located on this site. We invite you to discover the information that follows behind each badge, enjoy.

The 31St scout group is located in North West Calgary, part of the Southern Alberta Scout council called "Chinook Council ". There are several scouting areas within the Chinook Council. The 31st is part of one such area, "Area 9" or the "Nose hill area".

St. Cyprian's 31St Scout Group
1522 - 21 Ave. N.W.
Calgary, Alberta

Special thanks goes out to all of the many Leader volunteers for their support, dedication and participation in this fine Scout group.

Please send any comments, questions, or concerns you may have regarding our scout group or this WEB site. 31St Scout Group webmaster