31st St. Cyprian's Scout Group

Pacific Jamboree – initial meeting with Parents, plan and rudimentary logistics

The Troop had its first meeting with parents and scouts today so as to gauge interest. The Vents did a great job at describing their experiences at PJ, CJ and other Jamborees, and a couple of Rover/leaders chimed in with their comments.

Registration Plan
Registration must be completed prior to December 31st in order to get the cheaper rate of $550 a participant. Experience dictates the earlier a patrol signs up, the better the selection of activities they have. The objective would be to sign up committed Scouts and leaders by December 5, 2018. In order to do that I suggest we obtain a deposit by November 2nd and then the group pay the final funds by December 2, 2018, recouping from the Scouts and parents as fundraising continues. Final payments from parents if fundraising is not sufficient would be due by April 30th.

Scouts and parents were advised that no Scout would be turned away due to a lack of ability to pay.

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