31st St. Cyprian's Scout Group

Popcorn sales provides a fantastic opportunity for our scout group to raise much needed funds.

Better flavour. Better for you. There are many choices to enjoy scout popcorn, share it with your family and friends.

Popcorn sales are from September through October each year and we deliver the first week of December…just in time for Christmas!

Guidlines for selling popcorn for the 31st

Popcorn selling can start as soon as you get your forms!  

  • Please take a couple of hours a week and go door to door in your neighbourhood—people look forward to Scout Popcorn every year and you will end up with a very loyal set of customers.
  • We have a goal this year to have each youth sell at least $100/week—that’s only 5 bags of popcorn a week…EASY
  • Wear your uniform proudly!

Each form has a spot to fill out the customer’s name, address.

  • Please make sure you get their correct address and print carefully so you can drop off the popcorn at the right house!
  • It is a great idea to photocopy your sheet before handing it in to me…this avoids discrepancies later on.

Popcorn should be prepaid!  

Do yourself a favour and make sure you do not leave your customer without collecting payment.  Otherwise, you will need to pay the shortfall and be responsible for collecting payment later.  It is much easier to get it done all at once at the time of sale.

We can accept: 

  • Cash
  • Cheque, made out to “31st St. Cyprians”
  • Square Readers
  • E-transfers

Square Readers

We are now able to use these which is very exciting as other groups have seen a significant increase in sales!!!

It will be up to you to get our own reader—it is easy, click here and get your own!

  • The first $1500 is free of service charges.
  • If you go over the $1500, please contact me so I can help you get the correct payment to me.
  • You are NOT responsible for the 2.65% charge; Scouts will take care of it.
  • It takes about 7-10 days to get the Reader delivered to your house, so order it tonight and you’ll have it ready for most of the selling month!

Sales Receipt 

  • Here’s the form that you can use so your customers can get ahold of you to check on the progress of their popcorn.
    • The code is a set of letters:  for example, Beaver John Smith will be ‘BJS’, Cub Ben Jones will be ‘CBJ’.
  • This is a good idea so the customer has a paper reminding them of when their popcorn will be delivered (beginning of December)

Sorry We Missed You form

  • If you have a house that you know will be ordering but they are not home when you get there, use the Sorry We Missed You forms and fill out the blanks.  They can order either through me or you and your child will still get the credit.  The same code as above is to be used.

Delivery no later than December 10th

  • Please let your customer know that you will be delivering the popcorn to their house no later than December 10!  Many like to use it as Christmas presents for teachers and coaches.
  • We will be receiving the popcorn at the hall late in November and will have it sorted in plenty of time for you to pick it up and hand it out.
  • Exact dates for pick up will be determined soon and I will make sure you get them! It will be the week of Nov 19.

Handing in your money; not cash.

  • When you are handing in your money, please write me one cheque to account for all the credit card transactions and cash you will have
  • Cheques ONLY, Do not have any cash in your envelopes!  It ends up being thousands and thousands of dollars, so please, please, please, Cheques ONLY!!!

 Keep a copy for your records

  • It is always a great idea to photocopy your sell sheet—you can keep it for next year so you know which houses to go back to and it gives you a hard copy for your records in case things get wonky in the process of sorting and ordering!


  • Each scout is allowed to use the 20% discount coupon in the link below at the Scout Shop:
  • Every Scout that sells popcorn will receive a crest for their campfire blanket
  • Scholarships are still given provided you’ve met the requirements—you need to sell $2500 once and then every sale thereafter gets you scholarship dollars!  Get it while you are a Beaver (it is really easy!) and keep collecting as you get older.
  • Also at $2500, each youth will receive a camping gear box, valued at ~$100, four times during the year.
  • We will also look at doing individual incentives as the season progresses—stay tuned!

Please have fun with this fundraiser

The popcorn really does sell itself.

We as a Group are fortunate to not have to do a ton of fundraising.  We are able to offset most of our costs with popcorn, trees and bleachers so, the more successful we make the popcorn sales go, the more fun and exciting adventures our youth will be able to do!

And, of course, STAY SAFE!

Safety Tips: Your safety is more important than any fundraising goal!

  • NEVER enter anyone’s home
  • NEVER sell after dark unless you are with an adult
  • NEVER carry large amounts of cash with you
  • NEVER give personal information
  • NEVER sell in front of stores or malls without permission. A responsible adult must be present
  • NEVER sell at stop lights or street corners
  • NEVER go to dimly lit areas or places where you are not clearly visible
  • ALWAYS walk on the sidewalk and driveway
  • ALWAYS sell with another Scout or with an adult you know
  • ALWAYS notify your parent or group leader of any strange activity immediately
  • ALWAYS walk away from any dangerous or uncomfortable situations
  • ALWAYS fundraise in areas you know
  • Make a list of friends, family, relatives, and neighbours to contact instead of selling door-to-door.


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